Customs Legal Solutions: your customs file in practice.

Providing a clear solution for your customs file: that is the goal of Customs Legal Solutions. With a results-oriented mindset and overarching vision, our customs specialists go to work for you. Training in customs and excise duties, ad hoc support or long-term consultancy: we translate theory into your practice.

Behind Customs Legal Solutions is a team of customs specialists who have both feet in practice. Questions about tariff classification or customs value? Looking for the right customs software or would you prefer a tailor-made program? From automation to advising. From procedures to practical guidance. We listen to your needs and strengthen your business with knowledge and insights.

How can we help you?

Your go-to partner in customs

Disputes regarding the correct commodity code, discussions about origin or customs value, disputes with the General Administration of Customs and Excise... A customs file does not always have a straightforward solution. That is why we are happy to support you in all facets of customs and excise law. We combine theory with practice and put our heads together. This way we provide clear (legal) advice, fully tailored to your company.

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